What is it ? A word . Yet , defines a zillion feelings . Some of which , you can’t even experience in the usual rush of our horribly monotonous lives . It’s like this path , drawn out by wisps . Magic , lives in every part of it .


You might not notice , but , every single day , takes out a small part of your heart , like a piece of it . Its of course not like its going to pull out an entire chunk in one go . Nah . It works really  slow , just like a drug . What saves you at the end of the day though , is the real hero . Right ?

Well , that’s exactly what we all are looking for .




So , what do you do ? You search , and search …… till you finally find it . I’ve tried it , and yes I found it . It’s MUSIC . You escape , go out to the place where you wanna be , THAT EXACT instant . That’s how you survive . Yes , that’s the reality . Not like that thing has to be music . There are a ton of other things too , that people refer to as addictions , which I would rather refer to as ” SAVIORS”. A lot of times , the term ‘ addiction ‘  , drops the scale on to the negative end . But no , DON’T .


There is absolutely nothing wrong with it . Some people are addicted to drugs , some to alcohol , some to love and some to lust . It’s just a way we guys find , to escape the ultimate , heart – piercing reality we face , every single day . So eventually , we find that anchor to hold on to . And that’s totally cool . It’s almost like we face this demon , a virtuoso , with the ability to kill . Somethings , sometimes , yes , they do go wrong .And when that ” sometimes ” changes to ” always ‘ ,            you sink . No, that blank space , was not by fault . That was for the paused moment you just had , when you read ‘ always’ .

Yeah , I get it . You sink .It’s like your heart just fell off a cliff , untold , un-warned .A huge wave of depression , engulfing you , and you are just swept away . You start breaking , literally . It’s like watching a video of a beautiful glass vase shatter , in slow motion . Yes , imagine it . That’s exactly how it feels .

S0 ….. The question remains , should you just flow with it and act like you simply can’t help getting swept away ?



You can’t let the demon in you win over you , NO WAY !!!! Do you remember the scene from the movie ‘ Frozen ‘ ? , in which the troll tells Elsa , that there are two sides to her magic . It has beauty in it , but also great danger . He tells her , ” Fear will be your enemy “. I think that piece of advice is golden . So  fear has always been your enemy , right from kindergarden . The fear of leaving your mom and going to school , come on , we’ve all cried on the first day of school . The fear of walking up to her / him and speaking your heart out .

But , we humans , have always had this will of not losing . SO WIN !!! Don’t let the enemy win , no matter what . Go out there , find that magic .Go find that path of wisps laid out for you . YES , there will be many heartbreaks in the way . Yes , I know , there are a lot of people who have betrayed you and cheated on you . They hurt you a lot , when all you wanted was to be a part of their lives and make them happy .

But despite all of that , you have to stay alive , sweetheart .

Because , you need to see how the story ends .


13 thoughts on “FIND THE MAGIC !

  1. Interesting view on life….The message it sends is never give up..No matter what..Good write-up although it needs grammatical changes which I am sure will​ mature with time…Keep it up.!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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